All membership options include access to unlimited fitness classes. To ensure that all members can benefit from our classes, we have introduced a new cancellation policy.

We appreciate that it is not always possible to attend a class you have booked, however we ask that you cancel your space as soon as possible so that it can be made available for others to attend. You can cancel your class up to two hours before the class start time without penalty.

Cancelling or changing your class is easy. Simply use the online membership portal and update the details.

If you do not attend a pre-booked class, or cancel within two hours of the class start time, the following cancellation policy will apply.

If you’ve missed a class for the first time

If it’s the first time you’ve missed a class or didn’t cancel in time, you will receive a warning email which will tell you which class you’ve missed.

If you’ve missed two or more classes

If you miss two or more classes within a three-month period, you will be charged a £1 penalty charge. We will email you with a payment link and you must pay within seven days. If you do not make payment, your membership will be frozen and you will not be able to book classes or access any Move Imperial facilities until the charge has been paid.

After the three-month period, your class history will reset.

What happens to the money raised through charges?

All money raised through penalty charges will be donated to charity at the end of each year. Members will have the opportunity to vote for the chosen charity. This year, all money raised will be donated to Mind.